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High Availability Links


Proven SQL Server Architectures for High Availability and Disaster Recovery


Another great whitepaper from the SQLCAT Team. This one describes five common High Availability and Disaster Recovery architectures for enterprise deployments of SQL Server ... Source : Whitepaper - 



SQL Server Reporting Services Disaster Recovery Case Study


A great overview of setting up Reporting Services DR ... Source : - Technical Notes



High Availability with SQL Server 2008


In this whitepaper, Paul compares and contrasts the various High Availability technologies available in SQL Server 2008 ... Source : Paul Randal - - Technical Article



Using Replication for High Availability and Disaster Recovery


As per the title, this whitepaper focuses on using Replication as a means to increase database availability ... Source : - Whitepaper



High Availability and Disaster Recovery: A SQL Server 2008 Technical Case Study


A case study of how ServiceU Corporation achieved 99.99% uptime using SQL Server 2008 ... Source : David P. Smith - Whitepaper -



High Availability FAQ


Top 10 High Availability Questions ... Source : - Article



Microsoft’s Highly Available SAP Implementation


How Microsoft achieve High Availability for their own SAP implementation ... Source : - Technet Article



Database Architecture at Microsoft


An overview of Microsoft’s internal SQL Server 2005 Operations. How they manage their own databases internally for High Availability ... Source : - Technet Article

Log Shipping

Sub Minute Log Shipping in SQL 2008


The Management Studio interface for Log Shipping has been enhanced in SQL Server 2008 to allow sub minute log backup/copy/restore frequency. In this article, the SQL CAT team discuss some of the important considerations surrounding this ... Source : - Technical Notes


Database Mirroring


Mirroring a Large Number of Databases in a Single SQL Server Instance


How many databases on a single SQL Server instance can be setup for Mirroring? 1, 10 or it depends? Find out in this technical note from the SQLCAT team ... Source : Technical Note -



Database Mirroring Best Practices


Database Mirroring Best Practices and Performance Considerations ... Source : - Technet Article



Automatic Page Repair with Database Mirroring


One of the hottest features in SQL Server 2005 is database mirroring, and it's helped many companies implement successful and relatively inexpensive high-availability strategies. In SQL Server 2008, Database Mirroring has been enhanced in several ways - one of which is the ability to automatically repair corrupt pages!  ... Source : Paul Randall - - Blog Post



Performance Boost for Database Mirroring 


In this blog post, Paul talks about how the Log Stream Compression feature in 2008 may boost the performance of synchronously mirrored databases where network throughput is constrained by large transaction rates  ... Source : Paul Randall - - Blog Post



Database Mirroring FAQ


Common questions surrounding Database Mirroring features and requirements ... Source : - Technet Article



Can defragging an index break synchronous mirroring ?


In this post, Paul talks about some of the situations in which a synchronous mirror may enter the "Synchronizing" status  ... Source : Paul Randall - - Blog Post



Implementing Application Failover with Database Mirroring


Database mirroring allows a database to fail over from one server to another. For a seamless user experience, it is important that the application automatically reconnect to the current principal server. This paper describes how to enable your application to automatically fail over when database mirroring failover occurs ... Source : - Technet Article



Minimize downtime during planned outages with DB Mirroring


In this post, Kevin Cox and Glenn Berry share a DB Mirroring technique they used to minimize downtime during a planned outage. Also known as a rolling upgrade, this technique is also explained in this BOL entry ... Source : SQL CAT Team - Blog Post



Database Mirroring


A comprehensive overview of Database Mirroring in SQL Server 2005 ... Source : - Technet Article



Database Mirroring Event Alerts


This document describes the database mirroring events that SQL Server generates and how to configure alerts on these events using SQL Server Agent. Two sample scripts are also provided to demonstrate these concepts ... Source : - Technet Article



Login Failures after a Mirroring Failover


One of the crucial aspects of a successful database mirroring installation is ensuring logins work at both ends (principal and mirror). As Chad points out, the SIDs for SQL Server logins need to match to ensure a smooth failover process ... Source : Chad Boyd - - Blog Post



Combining Database Mirroring and Log Shipping in SQL Server 2005


This topic discusses considerations for combining log shipping and database mirroring ... Source : - MSDN Article



Database Mirroring and Log Shipping Working Together


Log shipping and database mirroring can work together to provide solutions for high availability and disaster recovery. You can convert an existing log shipping configuration to a database mirroring configuration. Although Microsoft only supports a single mirror database, you can set up log shipping from a database mirroring pair to additional servers, to provide multiple failover sites. Moreover, you can easily switch which pair of instances is using database mirroring and which instances are configured with log shipping ... Source : - Whitepaper




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