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Analysis Services


Distinct Count Optimization Using Solid State Devices


This technical note covers a real world example of how Solid State devices improved cube performance when accessing distinct count measures ... Source : Technical Note -



MDX - Aggregating by member_caption


Richard uses a recursive MDX query to aggregate a dimension hierarchy by member caption, solving a problem whereby, for example, the same customer name exists in different states ... Source : Richard Lees - Blog Post



Cube Writeback in Excel 2010


Although Analysis Services has supported cube writeback for many years, client support has been limited. Excel 2010 improves support for this feature dramatically as Richard shows us in this post ... Source : Richard Lees - Blog Post



Scale-Out Querying for Analysis Services with Read-Only Databases


This white paper from the SQLCAT team describes recommended design techniques and methodologies to maximize the performance and scalability of SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services deployments by using read-only query servers ... Source : Whitepaper -



Does SSAS Support MSDTC Transactions?


In this post, Darren helps us discover whether SSAS supports distributed transactions started within SSIS, and further, whether or not this is desirable ... Source : Darren Gosbell - Blog Post



Improving Excel's Cube Performance


Richard goes behind the scenes with Profiler to discover why Excel sometimes performs poorly when running Analysis Services queries ... Source : Richard Lees - Blog Post



MDX - Group by measure range dynamically


Another great MDX script from Richard, this one providing a dynamic means to aggregate members by the range of their measure ... Source : Richard Lees - Blog Post



Excel, Cube Formulas, Analysis Services, Performance, Network Latency, and Connection Strings


This technical note from the SQLCAT team looks at how the performance of Excel reports connecting to Analysis Services cubes over slow network links was improved by configuring 3 different connection string settings ... Source : Technical Note -



Analysis Services Consolidation Best Practices


In this article, the SQLCat team focus on Analysis Services consolidation best practices and a reporting query load balancing solution used by one of their clients ... Source : - Technical Notes



SSAS Calculated Measures


A great series from Todd on the power of Calculated Measures ... Source : Todd McDermid - Blog Post



Aggregations (may not) Fix Cube Performance


Richard debunks the myth that Aggregations will always fix cube performance problems ... Source : Richard Lees - Blog Post



SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services Overview


Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services builds on the value delivered with the significant investments in Analysis Services 2005 around scalability, advanced analytics and Microsoft Office interoperability. Through substantially improved performance and scalability, and developer productivity, you can build enterprise scale Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) solutions ... Source : - Whitepaper



Analysis Services, Memory Pre-Allocation and Windows Server 2008


The SQLCat team discuss the benefits of memory pre-allocation and Windows Server 2008 for Analysis Services Implementations ... Source : - Technical Note



Analysis Services 2008 Performance Guide


In this whitepaper, various Analysis Services query and processing performance tuning techniques are covered ... Source : - Whitepaper



Analysis Services 2005 Performance Guide


This white paper describes how application developers can apply performance-tuning techniques to their Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) solutions ... Source : - Download



Analysis Services Query Performance Top 10 Best Practices


This article lists the ten most common best practices that the Microsoft SQL Server development team recommends with respect to optimizing Analysis Services query performance ... Source : - Technet Article



Analysis Services; Using Dedicated Query and Processing Servers


In this article, Denny Lee from SQLCat explains the benefits of using separate, dedicated servers for processing and querying cubes. He then goes on to explain the 4 methods used to sync. the newly processed cubes across to the query server; Backup/Restore, Attach/Detach, Sync and Robocopy ... Source : Denny Lee - - Article



Analysis Services Processing Best Practices


Following the best practices described in this article will help you improve the performance of OLAP database processing ... Source : - Technet Article



OLAP Design Best Practices for Analysis Services 2005


This paper outlines the recommended best practices for designing OLAP databases in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services to better meet the functional and performance needs of users ... Source : - Technet Article



Analysis Services Codeplex Projects


Codeplex is an absolute goldmine. Check out these Analysis Services projects including SSAS stress testing and load simulation, collecting SSAS performance data, powershell scripts and SSIS packages for querying/collecting SSAS DMVs, monitoring scripts for Management Data Warehouse and a whole lot more ... Source :



Slowly Changing Dimensions


In this post, Boyan walks us through an example implementation of a Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD) ... Source : Boyan Penev - Blog Post



Securing Analysis Services


Covers all aspects of Analysis Services Security ... Source : - MSDN Article



How to warm up the Analysis Services data cache using the Create Cache statement 


This document describes how to build Create Cache commands. Create Cache for Analysis Services was introduced in Service Pack 2 of SQL Server 2005. It can be used to make one or more queries run faster by populating the OLAP storage engine cache first ... Source : Eric Jacobsen, Cristian Petculescu - SQL Server Customer Advisory Team - Blog Post



Analysis Services 2005 Processing Architecture


Processing is the operation in which the Analysis server reads data from the relational data source and populates the cubes, dimensions, mining models, etc. This whitepaper describes the Analysis Services 2005 processing architecture in detail and provides guidance on how and when to use the various processing controls ... Source : - MSDN Article



Scale-Out Querying with Analysis Services Using SAN Snapshots


This SQL Server Best Practices white paper describes the use of virtual copy SAN snapshots in a load-balanced scalable querying environment for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services to increase the number of concurrent queries to Analysis Services servers with a rapid response time per query ... Source : - Download



Scale-Out Querying with Analysis Services


This white paper describes how to set up a load-balanced scalable querying environment for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services so that you can handle a large number of concurrent queries to your Analysis Services servers. Load-balanced querying ensures that readers of OLAP cubes can consistently query for the latest aggregations throughout the day and distribute the load of all queries among the available servers. This scale-out querying architecture optimizes cube processing time, increases the frequency of cube update, and makes processing more robust as you can afford more frequent processing and transparent error recovery ... Source : - Technet Article



Analysis Services Code Samples inc. Load Simulations


This project contains SQL Server Analysis Services samples contributed by Microsoft, MVPs, and other members of the community. The sample code (Analysis Services Load Simulator aka ASLoadSim) contains a set of utilities used to generate a query load and test the scalability of Analysis Services server. ... Source :



Introduction to the Unified Dimensional Model (UDM)


This paper provides an introduction to the Unified Dimensional Model (UDM), including the basic end-user model, and a brief overview of the architecture and security models ... Source : - MSDN Article



Designing SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services Cubes for Excel 2007 PivotTables


This document outlines how to improve the end-user experience by optimizing the cube design for Microsoft Office Excel 2007 PivotTable dynamic views ... Source : - Download



Identifying and Resolving MDX Query Performance Bottlenecks in SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services


This article provides the information about the available MDX query troubleshooting tools and demonstrates how to use the most common of these tools to identify and resolve MDX query performance bottlenecks with individual MDX queries ... Source : - Download



Best SQL Server 2005 MDX Tips and Tricks 


Here is a list of tips and tricks as well as best practices on how to get better performance from your MDX queries in AS2005 ... Source : Nicholas Dritsas - SQL Server Customer Advisory Team - Blog Post



Introduction to MDX Scripting in Microsoft SQL Server 2005


This document describes how Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 can be applied to common business problems. This document assumes some familiarity with MDX ... Source : - MSDN Article



Enabling Drillthrough in Analysis Services 2005


Discover the new Analysis Services 2005 drillthrough architecture ... Source : - MSDN Article



Handling Data Integrity Issues in Analysis Services 2005


Learn about common data integrity issues, and see how Analysis Services 2005 gives you the tools to handle them ... Source : - MSDN Article



Many-to-Many Dimensions in Analysis Services 2005


See an example of using the Many-to-Many dimension in SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services to analyze sales data, and get ideas for other uses such as treating medical conditions, software testing, and more ... Source : - MSDN Article



Analysis Services Many-to-Many Dimensions: Query Performance Optimization Techniques


Many-to-many dimension relationships in SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS) enable you to easily model complex source schemas and provide great analytical capabilities. This capability frequently comes with a substantial cost in query performance due to the runtime join required by Analysis Services to resolve many-to-many queries. This best practices white paper discusses three many-to-many query performance optimization techniques, including how to implement them, and the performance testing results for each technique ... Source : - Downloads



Resolving Common Connectivity Issues in SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services Connectivity Scenarios


This article identifies the top 10 connectivity scenarios in which users may experience connectivity problems and explores error messages generated by common client applications. It shows you how to quickly isolate each error, and then provides the information you need to resolve the underlying issue that caused the particular error message ... Source : - Technet Article



Check List for Performance Optimisation in SQL Server Analysis Service 2005


In this article, Dinesh Asanka points out four areas in SQL Server Analysis Services where performance can be improved ... Source : - Article 


Data Warehousing Design


Tuning Data Warehouse Performance with SQL Server Profiler


In this post, Richard walks us through the process of tuning a Data Warehouse using SQL profiler, and covers some of the important differences when compared to tuning an OLTP database ... Source : Richard Lees - Blog Post



Star Join Optimizations


This whitepaper covers an important new feature in SQL Server 2008 for improving Data Warehouse query performance - Star Join Optimizations ... Source : - Whitepaper



SSIS Data Warehouse Design Pattern


Jorg covers a reusable design pattern for loading a data warehouse using SSIS ... Source : Jorg Klein -



Circular Relationships


In this post, Richard covers a common issue with database design - The circular relationship ... Source : Richard Lees - Blog Post



Parallel Data Warehouse


Another new feature in SQL Server 2008 R2 is the Parallel Data Warehouse. This page provides a good overview of the feature and how it can be used ... Source : - Article



Deriving a list of tables in dependency order


It's a common requirement to blow away all of the data in a warehouse in preparation for a reload, however, that's not all that simple if the database is loaded up with foreign keys. In this post, Jamie shows us how we can work around that by generating a list of tables in dependency order ... Source : Jamie Thomson -



Best Practices for Data Warehousing with SQL Server 2008


As the title suggests, this article presents "accumulated wisdom" from Data Warehousing projects and covers initial design, partitioning, data profiling, business sponsorship and a whole lot more ... Source : Mark Whitehorn - Technical Article -



Fast Track Data Warehouse Design


This whitepaper introduces and defines a repeatable architecture for building scalable SMP based data warehousing solutions in SQL Server 2008 ... Source : - Whitepaper



Tuning Change Data Capture Performance


This whitepaper describes methods for maximizing the performance of Change Data Capture implementations ... Source : - Whitepaper



An Introduction to New Data Warehouse Scalability Features in SQL Server 2008


This paper introduces the new performance and manageability features for Data Warehousing in SQL Server 2008 ... Source : - Whitepaper



ETL World Record with Integration Services 2008


The SQLCAT team loaded 1.18 TB in under 30 minutes using SQL Server Integration Services 2008! This blog post tells the inside story on how this was achieved ... Source : Microsoft SQL Server Data & SQL Storage Performance Team - Blog Post



The Data Loading Performance Guide


This paper contains the tricks and techniques used by the SQLCat team to achieve the ETL World Record for loading over 1TB of data in under 30 minutes ... Source : - Technical Article



Top 10 Performance Tips for Data Warehousing


Top 10 performance bottlenecks to avoid for Data Warehouse or Reporting applications ... Source : - Technet Article



Load 1TB in less than 1 hour - Best Practices and Lessons Learned


This project was done using SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition (with SP1 beta) using the BULK INSERT command with 60 parallel input files on an Itanium2 HP Superdome with 64 x 1.6GHZ 9M  (Madison) CPUs.  For the insert tests the system was equipped with 256GB of RAM ... Source : Kevin Cox - SQL Server Customer Advisory Team - Blog Post



Strategies for Partitioning Relational Data Warehouses in Microsoft SQL Server


Partitioning, in Microsoft SQL Server, facilitates the effective management of highly available relational data warehouses. This white paper discusses several factors that influence partitioning strategies and design, implementation, and management considerations in this environment ... Source : - Technet Article



Bulk Loading Data into Partitioned Tables


A white paper on best practices for loading bulk data into partitioned tables. Particularly useful for data warehouse loads ... Source : - Technet Article



Data Warehouse Query Optimization


A great post from Conor that addresses some of the reasons for poor query plan selection by the SQL Server Query Optimizer in large data warehouses ... Source : Conor Cunningham - - blog post 





Conor talks about the output from DBCC MEMORYSTATUS, one of the tools his team wrote whilst he was still at Microsoft. As he points out, it is particulary useful for identifying memory thrashing in Data Warehouse deployments ... Source : Conor Cunningham - - blog post


Master Data Services


Publishing Master Data with Subscription Views


Subscription views are used in Master Data Services to hide the complexity of the underlying schema from applications consuming master data. In this post, the MDS team describes this feature, and then walks us through the implementation process using an example ... Source : MDS Team -



Master Data Services links & updates


A good collection of links for getting started with MDS ... Source : Kirk Haselden -



Getting started with the Master Data Services Web Services API


An overview of using the MDS Web Services API ... Source : MDS Team -



Creating a simple Business Rule in Master Data Services


Another good MDS post, this one on how we can create business rules within MDS ... Source : MDS Team -

Integration Services


SSIS : Data Flow paths


Will SSIS execute a data flow path if there are no qualifying records? Josef walks us through an example ... Source : Josef Richberg -



Using the SSIS Data Viewer


How do you go about debugging complex SSIS data flows with millions of rows when you're only interested in a handful of records? Todd shows us an interesting technique using the data viewer in combination with multicast, conditional splits, sorts and derived columns ... Source : Todd Mcdermid - Blog Post



Data Conversion in SSIS


How do you convert data from one type to another in SSIS? Eric walks us through a few options and the benefits and limitations of each ... Source : Eric Johnson -



SSIS Package Builds


How do you deploy SSIS packages? Eric walks through one of the options ... Source : Eric Johnson -



Package Version Expressions


A couple of good options from Andy on generating package versions using SSIS expressions ... Source : Andy Leonard -



Transactions within SSIS


Richard walks us through the usage of the TransactionOption in SSIS ... Source : Richard Lees - Blog Post



SSIS Checkpoints with parallel tasks


Checkpoints in SSIS can be tricky, as Devin points out in this post ... Source : Devin Knight -



Kimball's SSIS Slowly Changing Dimension Component


Finally! Kimball's SSIS SCD component v1.5 is released ... Source : Todd McDermid - Blog Post



SSIS Sorting Considerations


Sorting can kill SSIS performance. In this post, Eric talks about an important technique for avoiding the performance hit when a sort is required ... Source : Eric Johnson -



SSIS Visio Stencils


Jamie points us in the direction of some SSIS Visio stencils ... Source : Jamie Thomson -



Data Type Conversion Techniques within SSIS; A Performance Comparison


What's the fastest SSIS method for performing data transformations within SSIS Read on for the answer? ... Source : SQLCAT Team - Blog Post



Assigning surrogate keys to early arriving facts using SSIS


In this post, the SQLCAT team demonstrate an SSIS technique for handling early arriving facts ... Source : - Blog Post



An Introduction to SQL Server 2008 Integration Services


This paper discusses the challenges that face businesses that rely on data integration technologies to provide meaningful, reliable information to maintain a competitive advantage in today’s business world. It discusses how SQL Server 2008 Integration Services (SSIS) can help Information Technology departments meet data integration requirements in their companies. Real-world scenarios are included ... Source : - Whitepaper



Top 10 SSIS Best Practices


One of the many Top 10 lists from, this one focused on SSIS best practices ... Source : - Article



SQL Server 2005 Integration Services: A Strategy for Performance


This white paper covers several interesting and unique methods for managing metadata using built-in features in SQL Server 2005 Integration Services, Analysis Services, and Reporting Services. The paper explains such concepts as data lineage, business and technical metadata, auditing, and impact analysis ... Source : - TechNet Article



Copying and Moving DTS packages


This post describes the process of copying and moving DTS packages between servers, including to SQL 2005/2008 destinations in which they need to be retained in legacy mode i.e.; not upgraded to SSIS packages ... Source : - Blog Post



SSIS Expression Language


In the first post in this series, Andy introduces us to the SSIS expression language, and provides some basic examples. Be sure to follow his later posts on derived columns, conditional splits and dynamic property expressions ... Source : Andy Leonard -



Integration Services: Performance Tuning Techniques


This white paper describes common performance-tuning techniques that you can apply to your SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) data integration solutions ... Source : - TechNet Article



SSIS Package Memory Consumption


In this post, Kevin lists some great resources for estimating the memory requirements of SSIS Packages ... Source : Kevin Kline -



Connectivity and SQL Server 2005 Integration Services


This white paper enumerates the connectivity options for databases with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Integration Services and mentions special considerations that are required when using some database sources with some of the more complex transformations ... Source : - MSDN Article



SQL Server Integration Services Log provider reports using SQL Server Reporting Services


This report pack is a collection of SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services reports. The reports are designed to filter, analyze, and organize Log and Error row data generated by SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS). ... Source : - Download



CodePlex: SSIS Unit Testing Framework


ssisUnit is a unit testing framework for SQL Server Integration Services. ... Source :



Data Quality Solutions with Integration Services


This white paper describes how application developers can incorporate data quality into their Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Integration Services solutions ... Source : - MSDN Article



SSIS - Fast Load or Slow Load?


Why would you ever use the OLE-DB Destination *without* FastLoad? Lara answers this question, as well as the limitations of the SQL Server destination type compared to OLE-DB ... Source : Lara Rubbelke - - Blog Post



SQL Server Integration Services Samples


Want to create your own SSIS custom tasks and components ? Check out this link for source code samples in VB.NET and C# ... Source : - source code



How to run a SQL Server 2005 Integration Services package as a SQL Server Agent job step


This article describes how to run a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS) package as a SQL Server Agent job step and discusses the use of Proxy accounts ... Source : - Knowledge Base Article



Security Considerations for Integration Services


Covers all aspects of Integration Services security ... Source : - MSDN Article


Reporting Services


Develop Reporting Services Reports Using SSAS Data


This whitepaper from the SQLCAT team focuses on the technical concepts and techniques used in implementing SSRS reports using an Analysis Services cube as the data source ... Source : Whitepaper -



Report Server Diagnostic Reports


How do you manage the usage, content, permissions and overall health of your SSRS environment? Michael shows us how he manages it ... Source : Michael Davis -



SQL Server Reporting Services Disaster Recovery Case Study


A great overview of setting up Reporting Services DR ... Source : - Technical Notes



Report Builder 2.0


Report Builder 2.0 offers significant improvements over the original version, as described by Ray in this article ... Source : Ray Barley -



Reporting Services in SQL Server 2008


Reporting Services 2008 provides the tools and features necessary to author a variety of richly formatted reports from a wide range of data sources and provides a comprehensive set of familiar tools used to manage and secure an enterprise reporting solution ... Source : - Whitepaper



SQL Server 2008: Reporting Services no longer needs IIS?


Title says it all, but is this really a feature you can benefit from or is it some piece of random engineering that the dev team decided to do because it would be "fun"? ... Source : Euan Garden - Blog Post



Planning for Scalability and Performance with Reporting Services


This paper provides information about the scalability characteristics of different Reporting Services implementation architectures. It also offers guidelines, suggestions, and tips for running your own performance tests with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services ... Source : - Technet Article



Building Ad-hoc Reporting Solutions with SQL Server 2005 Report Builder and Analysis Services OLAP


This paper introduces Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Report Builder and demonstrates how to build an end-to-end ad hoc reporting solution for enterprise customers using Report Builder and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services OLAP. We also highlight a few product limitations, as well as enterprise considerations. It is based on a real-world implementation by Microsoft Business Intelligence Center of Excellence ... Source : - MSDN Article



Changing the location of Log files for SQL Server Reporting Services


In this blog post, Cary shows how to change the location of the Reporting Services log files ... Source : Cary Russell - Blog Post



Developing Report Navigation and Drilldown


This article presents an excerpt from the book, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services for Dummies, by Mark Robinson. Learn how to produce interesting navigation and drill down reporting using the basic tools provided within SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services ... Source : - MSDN Article



Scaling out Reporting Services


Technical notes on designing and implementing scale-out architecture for SQL Server Reporting Services (both 2005 and 2008) ... Source :



Configuring Report Server Databases


The latest instalment of the "Building and Deploying Large Scale SQL Server Reporting Services Environments Technical Note Series". This article focuses on the configuration of the ReportServer and ReportServerTempDb databases. Update; Also in this series is a comparison of scaling up Reporting Services solutions in 2008 compared to 2005 ... Source : - Article



Reporting Services Performance Optimizations


In the latest addition to their Building and Deploying Large Scale Reporting Services Environments series, the SQLCAT team describes methods for optimizing Reporting Services architecture for higher throughput and performance, for both 2005 and 2008 environments ... Source : - Technical Notes



SSRS Management Reports


Thanks to Greg Low for pointing this one out. This BOL article walks us through the process of installing the sample Server Management reports for reporting on Reporting Services itself ... Source : SQL Server Books Online



CodePlex: Reporting Services Job Monitor


The Reporting Services Job Monitor (RSJM) allows you to monitor the status of long running reports in Microsoft Reporting Services or see who is looking at what reports in real time ... Source :



Get More Out of SQL Server Reporting Services Charts


This white paper presents general information, best practices, and tips for designing charts within Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services reports. It provides an overview of some Reporting Services features, answers common chart design and feature questions, and includes advanced examples of how to design better charts ... Source : - MSDN Article



Security Considerations for Reporting Services


Covers all aspects of Reporting Services Security ... Source : - MSDN Article


General BI


The importance of Unit Testing in BI


Unit testing BI solutions is as important (if not more so) than any other solution. In this post, Davide walks us through the benefits and usage of a tool he's developed and placed on codeplex called queryunit ... Source : Davide Mauri -



Deploying a BI Solution using Sharepoint, SSRS & Kerberos


A great architectural overview of a large BI solution setup to work with Kerberos authentication ... Source : - Technical Notes



How many files should a database have?


In part 1 of this posting, the SQLCat team answer this question from an OLAP workload perspective ... Source :



Business Intelligence Screencasts


Denis Gobo links to some fantastic Business Intelligence screencasts including Introduction to Microsoft BI, Loading and Integrating data with Integration Services, Developing a Report Model and Designing a Report Builder Report, Designing Dimensions in Analysis Services, Introduction to Data Mining, and Building Performance Point Scorecards ... Source : Denis Gobo - - Blog Post



Critical Business Intelligence Platform for the Agile Enterprise


Read this white paper to understand how SQL Server 2005 can provide a critical BI platform for the agile enterprise ... Source : - Whitepaper



Business Intelligence Meets Business Process Management


Included in this document: The Corporate Challenge, Separation Inhibits Decision-Making, BI Sharpens Business Processes, Limits of Traditional BI, The Plan for BI with BPM, Convergence Improves Decision-Making, The Right Approach ... Source : - Whitepaper



Project REAL


Project REAL is a cooperative effort between Microsoft and a number of technology partners in the business intelligence (BI) industry to build on actual customer scenarios to discover best practices for creating BI applications based on SQL Server 2005. This reference implementation provides you with a working sample to build, implement and test the solution in your organization ... Source : - Article



Development & Management Environments Overview


SQL Server 2005 introduces a rich set of tools supporting the development and management of Business Intelligence applications. This includes applications using Analysis Services (OLAP and Data Mining), as well as Reporting Services and Integration Services. This paper provides an overview of the various environments for users who develop or manage OLAP or Data Mining applications ... Source : - MSDN Article

Data Mining


Introduction to SQL Server 2005 Data Mining


Provides an overview of typical data mining problems and the tools and models that are available in SQL Server 2005 for solving these problems ... Source : - MSDN Article



SQL Server Data Mining: Plug-In Algorithms


Describes how SQL Server 2005 Data Mining allows aggregation directly at the algorithm level. Although this restricts what the third-party algorithm developer can support in terms of language and data types, it frees the developer from having to implement data handling, parsing, meta data management, session, and rowset production code on top of the core data mining algorithm implementation ... Source : - MSDN Article



SQL Server Data Mining Programmability


Learn more about the new APIs for data mining in SQL Server 2005, and get an introduction to several common development scenarios ... Source : - MSDN Article




Using SSAS as a PowerPivot Data Source


Using an SSAS data source as part of a PowerPivot solution throws up some interesting challenges, and in this post, Marco covers the major ones ... Source : Marco Russo -



Creating Sparklines in PowerPivot


Sparklines, new in Excel 2010 and Reporting Services 2008 R2, can also be used in PowerPivot as Patrick shows us in this post ... Source : Patrick LeBlanc -



Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 PowerPivot Planning and Deployment


This whitepaper from the SQLCAT team is written for architects and administrators looking to deploy PowerPivot throughout an Enterprise ... Source : Whitepaper -



Median calculation in DAX


Marco shows us a neat trick for getting a MEDIAN calculation working in PowerPivot ... Source : Marco Russo -



PowerPivot for SharePoint: Single Server Installation


Installing PowerPivot for SharePoint involves a number of steps, and getting them right (and in the right order) is crucial for a pain-free installation. This WhitePaper walks through the steps involved in a single server installation ... Source : Whitepaper -



 What is PowerPivot?


A good overview of the shiny new tool on the block ... Source : - Article



PowerPivot Memory Considerations


Marco covers some important memory considerations for PowerPivot ... Source : Marco Russo -


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