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Memory Configuration


Locked Pages, AWE, Task Manager and the Working Set


A great post from Bob that de-mystifies a lot of common memory misconceptions ... Source : Bob Ward - CSS SQL Server Engineers -



A Walk Down Memory Lane


A fantastic powerpoint presentation from Christian that covers all of the important memory configuration tasks including the limits of 32 bit systems, the memtoleave area, considerations for 64 bit systems, AWE on 32/64 bit systems and setting mix/max memory values ... Source : Christian Bolton - - pdf presentation



64 Bit & AWE


In this post, Slava clears up some confusion surrounding 64 bit & AWE. Be sure to read the comments for further illumination ... Source : Slava Oks - - Blog Post



Does SQL Server respond to Memory Pressure?


Another great Q&A post from Slava. In this one, he answers a question about how SQL Server 2005 responds to memory pressure regardless of the Lock Pages in Memory Setting. He also covers the importance of setting a Maximum Memory value to avoid memory pressure situations ... Source : Slava Oks - - Blog Post 



MemToLeave and 32-bit SQL Backup failures


A common symptom of MemToLeave issues on 32 bit systems are backup failures with "reserve contiguous memory" related errors. In this post, Joe discusses adjusting the BufferCount and MaxTransferSize as an alternative to increasing the MemToLeave value (-g switch) ... Source : Joe Chang - - Blog Post



SQL Server Memory Usage & Task Manager


Relying on Task Manager to determine SQL Server's memory usage can be quite confusing unless you know how/what to look at ... Source : Kevin Kline -




Server Configuration


Lock Escalation & Trace Flags


By default, SQL Server will choose the appropriate lock granularity & escalation points. This can be overridden with trace flags and query hints, however, as Sunil points out, there are various limitations with doing so ... Source : Sunil Agarwal - - Blog Post



Setting Advanced Configuration Options in SQL Server 2005


This article discusses some of the advanced configuration options in SQL Server 2005 and their associated best practices and limitations ... Source :




CPU Configuration


To MAXDOP or not to MAXDOP


… that is the question. Two of my favorite bloggers (Linchi Shea and Joe Chang) compare notes on query performance with various MAXDOP settings ... Source : Linchi Shea -



Multi-Cores and MAXDOP


Linchi addresses the generally accepted practice to turn off Parallelism when unexpected problems arise, and what this means for the future with multicore processers becoming the norm ... Source : Linchi Shea - - Blog Post





A common reaction to the presence of CXPACKET waits is to switch MAXDOP to 1. As Jason points out, this may not be the best approach, particularly if missing indexes and/or out of date statistics are the cause ... Source : Jason Massie - - Blog Post




OS Configuration


Configuring Windows 2003 ( x64 ) for SQL Server


A great blog from Grumpy Old DBA! In it he discusses configuring Windows x64 for SQL Server and covers memory allocation, CPU allocation and page file sizing ... Source : Grumpy Old DBA



TCP Offloading


Take a deep dive with the CSS team into the internals of a TCP Chimney/Offloading problem from one of their customers ... Source : Evan Basalik - CSS SQL Server Engineers -



Determining Page File Size for 64 Bit Systems


Discusses page file usage and management and covers the special case for 64 bit systems ... Source : - Knowledge Base Article



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